Do you or your athlete seek a new challenge? Are you ready to build strength, increase your mobility and maximize your cardio endurance? Improvements in these areas can result in extremely positive performance boosts in your running and other designated sports. Doing it with others sharing a common goal can make the experience even more powerful. And doing it with the support and guidance of experienced coaches makes it much more realistic and manageable.

With the right program design, a good dose of personal commitment and discipline, and a little bit of luck, EOTC can help you get to the finish line, and/or get there faster than you have before or thought you could!

"Cross Country/5K Training is available depending on interest"


The program provides everything you could need to get you on the right track and is designed for both new and experienced athletes with training plans structured based on your experience and goals! We know there are many group training options available in the Orlando Area; our goal is to provide the best experience and greatest value.

The Training Program is available in Avalon, on either Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mornings and Saturday Morning options can be made available depending on participant needs. As of now the start time will be 6:00 PM and run for approximately 90 minutes. 

Monday will focus on Muscle Endurance, Wednesday will focus on Speed/Agility and Friday will focus on Strength (Body Weight). In addition to the weekly group training, participants also receive guidance on what to do on their own for days the group does not meet. 


The Fall Training Program will include 13 weekly coached session from August 14th thru November 3rd. 

The program provides everything you could need for a great race experience and is designed for both new and experienced athletes. 


The program cost for the Fall Training Program is $250 for the session. This cost includes 13 weekly coached sessions, optional weekly track/group workouts as scheduled and available. Private training sections are available if required. Cost in these situations are case by case and contingent on needs and goals!

Current and past members of EOTC will receive a $50 discount (This excludes Private Training).